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But you believe that a president could actually be prosecuted if it shows that there was wrongdoing?

Joe Biden: (41:04) we don’t think anyone’s over the legislation. And I love the means you’re hoping to get me into this benefit of lock them up. I’m not going here.

Lulu Garcia-Navarro: (41:14) Well, you will find right now a true range investigations. After all, the Southern District of brand new York simply said that their considerable and protracted criminal conduct at the Trump organization that they’re looking at. That isn’t speculative. This will be something that is actually happening.

Joe Biden: (41:29) we stated, those activities which are underway, when they prove to be a criminal offenses, then in reality that could be as much as the attorney general to choose whether he/she would you like to continue along with it. I’m not likely to make that specific judgment. He’s not my lawyer or she’s maybe not my attorney.

Tia Mitchell: (41:53) Mr. Vice President, i do want to return to voting liberties. You talked a complete great deal earlier about you think there are a few states which are participating in voter suppression and my concern-

Tia Mitchell: (42:03) … some continuing States which are participating in voter suppression. And my real question is if you were to be President, can there be whatever you’ve considered using executive action to be able to shore up voting systems or protect voting legal rights for American public without looking forward to congressional approval or even a bill to pass through?

Joe Biden: (42:21) Well, the clear answer is I’d do exactly just what Barack and I also did within our administration, the Attorney General would pursue, there are someplace about 84, 85 efforts which have been made and I also think it’s 31 States, don’t hold us to your number that is exact to suppress voting, to really make it harder to vote. And I also would simply simply take those systems, and people challenge that is i’d court, those efforts, those brand brand new attempts at Jim Crow. I might do this. I would personally have the Attorney General head out and make certain that people have actually, and also the very first thing I’m going to complete with regards to the Justice Department, I happened to be the man whom got the Voting Rights Act stretched for 25 years. And along came the Shelby instance and Shelby County in Alabama as well as the court arrived and said, “There’s no longer a requirement that you have get pre-clearance due to the conduct in past times. So any change you want to make an electoral procedure, you must always check through the courts.”

Joe Biden: (43:21) They stated this is certainly old, nonetheless they can’t do this. We’re permitted to change. There’s no constitutional prohibition to replace the supply when you look at the legislation, i do believe it’s part four, I’m maybe not good, to alter that supply to express they require pre-clearance under particular conditions, that will require a vote in america Congress this is certainly now called, this is certainly now the Lewis amendment into the Voting Rights Act. And that’s the things I pressed very difficult and I’ve been pushing it for the time that is long.

Lulu Garcia-Navarro: (43:53) We only want to be in only one concern within the sphere that is international President Trump isn’t the very first President to state Asia is ripping from the united states of america. President Obama made complaints that are similar. Some have actually said Trump’s stance is a great someone to counter China’s influence. Would you retain the tariffs?

Joe Biden: (44:13) No. Hey look, who stated Trump’s concept is just a good one? Whom said Trump’s concept is a good one?

Lulu Garcia-Navarro: (44:19) Some believe-

Joe Biden: (44:20) Some. 2 or 3 individuals. Production went on recession. Agriculture lost vast amounts of bucks that taxpayers needed to spend. We’re going after Asia into the incorrect way. China is stealing property that is intellectual. China’s conditioning having the ability to conduct business in Asia according to whether or not you have got 51% Chinese ownership. That’s surely got to end. We invested an amount that is fair of whenever I was Vice President with President Xi, as the President wanted me to get acquainted with him. He’s no Democrat having a d that is small all, but right here’s the offer, he caused it to be real clear, he-

Lulu Garcia-Navarro: (44:54) So he scrapped those tariffs, just what are you wanting in return? Or you’re just likely to scrap them without the concessions?

Joe Biden: (45:00) No, no, right here’s the offer. The real question is what’s the appropriate behavior that they must participate in worldwide trade with us in addition they have actually to relax and play because of the worldwide guidelines. And what we have done is we now have disarmed ourselves. We compensate 25% associated with the world’s economy, but we poked our finger into the attention of all of the of our allies available to you. Just how China will react occurs when we gather all of those other globe that in reality intrusion and available trade and ensuring that we’re in a situation that individuals deal with whom the proper way, in reality, that is when things begun to alter. That’s whenever Asia’s behavior will probably alter. For instance, once I ended up being last here, he believed to me personally, Xi, which they had an international airspace that said that you had to check with China before you could fly through it that they set up an error identification zone.

Joe Biden: (45:59) we said, “We’re maybe maybe not planning to give consideration.” He said, “What do you prefer me personally to accomplish? Go straight down.” We stated, “You should, but we’re perhaps perhaps not planning to take notice.” Therefore we flew bomber that is b-1 it. We’ve got to really make it clear, the worldwide guidelines associated with road when it comes to airspace, sea space, together with real method by which you cope with the trade and equity which have become imposed. And that which we did within our management, if they began dumping metal, we reacted. They simply overproduced and additionally they just started dumping metal through their state owned entities. We responded plus it stopped. They even did the thing that is same tires. And that means you respond underneath the rules, the worldwide guidelines of trade and hold them to it. That’s everything you do.

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